Saturday, January 14, 2012

World on Fire excerpt - Fireflies

See the collection and larger version: here or here.
 “Here,” Lucian whispered. He stopped, moved his hand up Cole’s arm to his shoulder, and turned to stand behind him.
Cole wasn’t sure which direction he was facing as he looked into the night. Darker figures stood out against blackness, and Cole understood they had crossed to the tree line. He felt Lucian behind him, his hands resting on Cole’s shoulders—it was the only comfort in the emptiness that surrounded them.
“I don’t see—” Cole dropped his sentence with a short gasp. Small speckles of yellow light floated in front of them. Cole had no idea how far away—or how close—the lights were. First there were only a few, then many appeared.
See the collection and larger version: here or here.
“To see any this soon after a storm is amazing.” Lucian kept his voice lowered.
Cole watched the lights, trying to determine their location, but the night had a disorienting effect and made it almost impossible. “What is it?” Cole asked in a hushed whisper.
“You’re curious but scared.” Lucian lowered his lips next to Cole’s ear. Cole felt a small shiver caused by the proximity. Lucian moved his hands down to hold Cole lightly by the arms. “They won’t hurt you,” Lucian assured him.
The speckles of light danced in small circles, and soon Cole realized they were surrounded. It was as if the stars from the sky had fallen to Earth to dance in Lucian’s garden.

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January 16th.

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