Friday, July 29, 2011

World on Fire accepted!

My second submission to Dreamspinner Press has been accepted! I’m so very excited about this one. I dragged my feet on my edits before submitting the manuscript and I sort of regret that now. This year has been like living on a crazy farm and I still can’t find my marbles. When I grasp at a few, I end up pushing them out of reach. It’s slightly terrifying but also extremely fun.

World on Fire mixes an introvert and an extrovert with a dash of fantasy. I hope readers enjoy it. One complaint from Undercover Sins was the lack of delving into Demetrius’s head. Third person stories can jump into any character’s head, but I use third person limited. World on Fire is told from Cole’s point of view in third person. When one character is a puzzle, limiting the third person perspective is a way to keep that puzzle a mystery. (That and Lucian’s mind is too fast-paced to safely dive into.)

I’m waiting on word back regarding Water Waltz—my manuscript with demons, angels, devils, and faeries. I’m waiting patiently on that one. I have high hopes for it.

World on Fire is set for a January-February 2012 release. I’ll keep you posted.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Being Proud of my Genre

It’s always hard to predict how people will react—no matter how close the relationship. I avoided telling my parents about being published until I couldn’t hide it any longer. Mom has a tax filing business and I always use it to file my taxes myself. So I was in the “office” and filing my 1099 and of course it raised questions. Mom and dad were both in the room so I meekly explained I got a romance story published. Mom assumed Harlequin type. I didn’t correct that assumption until it was released and I explained why I prefer if my parents did not read my book. Again, they surprised me by understanding but still remaining supportive.

Now the reason I’ve kept my author-self a secret from the few who are required to love you (so I’ve been told) is part silliness from me and part history. Mom used to be openly against gays, but I think years of my sister and me arguing with her changed her mind. Dad isn’t one to express opinion one way or the other so I always assumed he was in mom’s court. But neither was alright with sex discussed openly. I guess the love of their daughter outweighs anything else.

Mom has bragged about my accomplishment to other relatives. I’ve never believed I would be bragged about. My sister is an artist and has been in the spotlight of brags since I was in junior high. I always thought it was cool I was related to her and her talent but never expected to be in that spotlight too. Any now my mom can brag about both her kids. Lucky mom.

Dad called me yesterday after I told mom I have a second book due out now and said we’re going out to dinner to celebrate. I went from being terrified of them learning about Hayley B. James to telling mom 30 minutes after receiving the contract and then going to dinner with the family to celebrate. It’s all very strange to me, but I hope this will become routine.

Now I’m not afraid to tell any family member about my penname! Except the grandparents...they’re old school. It was hard enough to break it to them that their granddaughter is pro-police and took a citizen police course...That was a stressful breakfast.

Friday, July 15, 2011

WIP Teaser

I felt like sharing a small part of this WIP since it is now in the editing stage. I started in April and in July it will be completed and ready for submission.

This unedited teaser needs a little background: Varun is a demon and Fremont is a devil. That's all you're getting. ;)


Fremont scooted closer. “The angels like humans because they’re tough like demons without being demons. The demons like humans because they’re soft like angels without being angels.” He tilted his head before adding, “And devils like everything.”

“Devils are insatiable creatures,” Varun chuckled. “And they have wicked tails.” His hand closed around Fremont’s tail, removing it from his lap. “Mind your manners, Fremont.”

“My tail has an entirely different set of rules to live by.” Fremont winked.

“How have you been really?” Varun ran his thumb across the soft skin of a devil’s tail.

“I find good in everything, Varun. Rain never touches my sunshine.”

“I’m glad of it.”

Fremont took his hat from his knee. “I’m so happy you’ve stopped by to visit, dear Varun. Does this visit come with a meal?” He placed the bowler on Varun, adjusting it to sit just right. “Maybe I’ll accept the offer if you offered.”

Varun smiled at the hint.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Entertaining Bromance: X-Men

Bromance: a nonsexual, close friendship between two men. 

This new segment will be reviewing, with commentary and pictures, bromances in movies and TV shows that I happen to watch or hear about. There are many, many out there.

I'll start with the summer movies!

Movie: X-Men: First Class
Bromance between: Charles and Erik. (Professor X and Magneto, if you will.)

Now, if you happen to know me (or follow me on Twitter), you might already know I'm slightly obsessed with this movie. It's truly a fantastic movie. The acting is all superb. The plot is thought-out and thorough. The actors are hot hot hot. (Not counting Kevin Bacon—Sorry Bacon fans)
And the bromance on screen threatens to drop the "b" from bromance to be just straight up romance. (or gay up romance, if you will.)

I'm in no way an avid comic book reader. I know some of the history through a few comics, but mostly my knowledge comes from relatives who are X-Men comic-nerds. I know Charles and Erik were close before they went their separate ways. This movie captures their bromance wonderfully.

A fair bit of warning! SPOILERS! This will RUIN the main plot of the movie. And by ruin, I mean RUIN! You will know details of the plot you may not wish to know before buying a ticket and settling down for a 2 hour cinematic experience.

If you won't like reading about bromance between these two characters, do not read on. (I know some characters are sacred and you do not tread on that.)

Again. Spoilers! Continue on if you've already seen X-Men: First Class or don't care if you know all the movie's secrets the trailers don't want you to know.