Friday, January 20, 2012

Cover art for Water Waltz!

 I got my cover for Water Waltz! I love the colors! I'm now more excited about the release than before.
Created by the talented Paul Richmond!
Paul Richmond painted it. He did my first cover as well. I was happy to hear he was assigned to Water Waltz. He does beautiful covers! Thank you, Paul Richmond, for another beautiful cover. 

Available February 13:
In a land where humans are enslaved as sexual toys, angels and demons are in constant conflict with their playthings. The demon Varun works with STAR, an organization devoted to human liberty, and it’s a never-ending battle.

Two years ago, the angel Triste broke Varun’s heart by choosing to be his butler instead of his beloved, giving Varun no explanation and no hope. However, that doesn’t mean that Triste will simply sit back and watch as Varun takes the human Elden under his protection, and Triste’s secret investigation will unearth terrible secrets, including the kernels of a pernicious plot.

Despite appearances, Triste and Varun are still in love, and Varun may well risk everything to protect Triste and discover why the angel left him heartbroken. But a still worse danger hangs over them as they seek to calm the threat of a catastrophic war.

But it from Dreamspinner Press.


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