Sunday, March 16, 2014

Update: Undercover Sins 2 has Been Finished

I've gone way too long in between updates again, but life has been hectic!

The sequel to Undercover Sins which I wrote in a way where it could stand alone as well has been finished and submitted to the publisher (Dreamspinner Press). Now I wait to see if it'll be accepted for publication.Undercover Sins 2 - Undercover Addiction is set in Seattle, WA instead of Las Vegas, but much like the first book it follows an undercover cop getting dangerously close to a human trafficker. The criminal is of course romanticized and his crimes are downplayed but this is gay romance, not non-fiction. The two leads from the first are no longer the leads, but they do have important secondary roles.
I'll be posting teasers from the book later this month and in April.

I'm also planning out a third book in the ABQ Heat series to delve into Benji's past and his ability to evolve and feel comfortable in a life he had been told he could never have. And of course...more Kyle and Isaac, because they are truly too fun to write.