Monday, December 26, 2011

Year in Review

Let me jump onto this end of the year wrap up bandwagon. I’ve neglecting this blog lately and I feel quite naughty about that. You have my deepest apologies. Life always gets too fast for me. Let’s do this wrap up with a month-by-month recap. (to the best of my memory’s ability)

~I felt what -5F feels like in my hometown. It isn’t something I ever want to experience again.
~The editing process for Undercover Sins (my first novel) started. I was elated.

~Still freezing my buns off.
~I attended citizen police academy.

~Undercover Sins was released by Dreamspinner Press. I feel like a proper author.
~I got tasered.

~I started writing Water Waltz

~I finished editing World on Fire and submitted it.
~Summer hit. I spent too much time in movie theaters.

~Pride! This year seemed extra fun.

~X-Men First Class. That is all.
~World on Fire accepted by Dreamspinner Press!

~Fire Tango, sequel to Water Waltz, started. Later changed to book # 2 in a planned series.
~Las Vegas trip!
~My aunt left this world. I still miss her.

~Water Waltz accepted by Dreamspinner Press!

~Yaoi-con in San Francisco. What a wonderful time. I think by the next con, I won’t be as shy with my fellow authors. (I met a reader, not sure if she wants to be mentioned so I won’t, and she was amazing. It made the entire trip remarkable!)

~Fire Tango, “sequel” to Water Waltz, finished.
~NaNoWriMo...started and dropped in favor of the editing process for World on Fire and Water Waltz.
~Blog tour for angels and demons. Water Waltz talked about in detail for the first time.

~Fire Tango in editing before submitting to publisher.
~Untitled third book in Water Waltz series is started.
~Edits for World on Fire are finished! The novel is officially ready for publication. Releasing January 16.
~Because I felt that my life wasn’t busy enough, I bought a puppy.
My first year as a published author came with a lot of changes—some bad but most good. I’m still getting used to telling people what I write in my spare time. Maybe this time next year I’ll be a pro at it.

Looking forward into 2012, my big plan includes four newly contracted novels. If I want to reach for grandeur, I’ll include a super long manuscript that’ll need to be two books in those plans. But I won’t include that one just yet. The task to rewrite that one is daunting to even me.

Thank you for supporting this new author in 2011!

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