Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Equal Rights Blog Hop

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I write gay romance, but that’s not the reason I see myself as part of the GLBT community. I have many friends who are bi, lesbian, or gay. My best friend is gay, and when he came out to me during a movie date it didn’t register on a richter scale. It wasn’t that I had guessed or I already knew, but it just didn’t matter. He was himself regardless of his orientation. He was my friend I loved him then as much as I do now.

But even having friends doesn’t make me a part of the community. I’m a part of the GLBT community because I want my friends and the millions of strangers out there to have the same freedoms and rights I receive. I read the news and my heart hurts for the abandoned youth and couples denied basic human rights.

My novels are not strictly for naughty entertainment. I don’t think any political statement made in them could change the world, but there’s no telling what might open an eye somewhere.

In my latest release Paid Leave I built the story around two statements I wanted to make without making it obvious. The lead struggles against hate for his badge and for his sexual orientation. Benji is lucky enough to be in a novel where happy endings are expected, but not everyone lives where they can believe it will get better.

And that’s another reason I’m a part of GLBT community. Until the world is equal, I’ll be around doing what I can to stop prejudice and hate.  
That said, if you ever want to donate to some awesome sources, don't forget HRC and It Gets Better. They do the hard work.

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