Monday, December 26, 2011

Year in Review

Let me jump onto this end of the year wrap up bandwagon. I’ve neglecting this blog lately and I feel quite naughty about that. You have my deepest apologies. Life always gets too fast for me. Let’s do this wrap up with a month-by-month recap. (to the best of my memory’s ability)

~I felt what -5F feels like in my hometown. It isn’t something I ever want to experience again.
~The editing process for Undercover Sins (my first novel) started. I was elated.

~Still freezing my buns off.
~I attended citizen police academy.

~Undercover Sins was released by Dreamspinner Press. I feel like a proper author.
~I got tasered.

~I started writing Water Waltz

~I finished editing World on Fire and submitted it.
~Summer hit. I spent too much time in movie theaters.

~Pride! This year seemed extra fun.

~X-Men First Class. That is all.
~World on Fire accepted by Dreamspinner Press!

~Fire Tango, sequel to Water Waltz, started. Later changed to book # 2 in a planned series.
~Las Vegas trip!
~My aunt left this world. I still miss her.

~Water Waltz accepted by Dreamspinner Press!

~Yaoi-con in San Francisco. What a wonderful time. I think by the next con, I won’t be as shy with my fellow authors. (I met a reader, not sure if she wants to be mentioned so I won’t, and she was amazing. It made the entire trip remarkable!)

~Fire Tango, “sequel” to Water Waltz, finished.
~NaNoWriMo...started and dropped in favor of the editing process for World on Fire and Water Waltz.
~Blog tour for angels and demons. Water Waltz talked about in detail for the first time.

~Fire Tango in editing before submitting to publisher.
~Untitled third book in Water Waltz series is started.
~Edits for World on Fire are finished! The novel is officially ready for publication. Releasing January 16.
~Because I felt that my life wasn’t busy enough, I bought a puppy.
My first year as a published author came with a lot of changes—some bad but most good. I’m still getting used to telling people what I write in my spare time. Maybe this time next year I’ll be a pro at it.

Looking forward into 2012, my big plan includes four newly contracted novels. If I want to reach for grandeur, I’ll include a super long manuscript that’ll need to be two books in those plans. But I won’t include that one just yet. The task to rewrite that one is daunting to even me.

Thank you for supporting this new author in 2011!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Beautiful Cover Art for World on Fire

I got the cover for World on Fire and I love it!
Anne Cain did the work. I've always loved her covers and was so excited when I learned she was assigned to World on Fire. She certainly didn't disappoint me in the least bit. This is wonderful.

World on Fire blurb:
When shy Cole Saunders sets out for Nowheresville, Colorado, to interview a reclusive artist, it’s mostly to prove he’s capable of doing the job. He doesn’t expect a house and garden so elaborate and secluded that he’s forced to rely on his subject, Lucian Thomas, for anything he needs.

While Cole is trying to get a read on his host, Lucian turns the tables on him, knowing more about Cole than should be possible, wielding an uncanny ability to draw Cole out of his shell. And something even stranger is happening in the garden, which seems to rearrange itself at its master’s whim. Lucian claims he wants to set Cole’s world on fire, but all Cole can see smoldering is the tension between them.