Wednesday, June 22, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Much like Six Sentence Sunday, here's a small tease from a work in progress. I plan to use my blog more for this type of posts, so expect more teasers from me.

This one is from my most current WIP. It’s fantasy with humans, demons, angels, devils, and faeries (oh my). A beta has said it has a touch of steampunk to it. I love Victorian era and steampunk so I can see why that element might have slipped into the story. I’m enjoying the plot and characters, and I’m taking my time to groom and grow all parts of the story. It’s nearly done now so I hope to have it ready for submission by fall.

Enjoy this WIP Wednesday tease.

“You’re a tyrant some days.” Nolyn squeezed passed Varun, nodding a goodbye to Triste. “Be kind to your butler, Varun.”
“Kind?” Varun whispered, moving his gaze onto Triste. He lifted his hand to tuck back a lock of silver hair that had fallen out of place. An angel with silver and white mixed hair was rare.
“The—” Triste ran his fingers through the fringe across his forehead, repeating the fix Varun had done. “The human is still asleep, and I’ve placed water in the room for him.”
“Are you concerned?”
“Concerned about a human, sir? Not entirely.”
Varun studied the angel, observing the green eyes that were so uncharacteristic for his angel type. Triste could have been so much more.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday [Adult Addition]

A piece from World on Fire, my finished WIP. I started the submission process just last week...or week before?
This one is from a sex scene between two men.'ve been warned if you ventured in from outside of the M/M blog sphere...

“Still afraid of the dark?” Lucian’s whispered words sounded much louder.
“I wasn’t afraid of the dark,” Cole corrected. A shudder rocked his body when Lucian suddenly stopped teasing and eased a single finger into him.
“You’re beautiful,” Lucian murmured against Cole’s back. Cole answered with a quiet moan.
Ah. What a tiny tease.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pride Parade Photos

Shirtless men, almost shirtless ladies, and lots of rainbows. What else does one expect from Pride!

 I love her sign!

More after the jump! (and more on Facebook)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pride 2011

The parade was fantastic--as expected. Not as many condoms being thrown around this year. More necklace beads though.

I'll upload photos when I return from more fun. My group split up for a break--two are going to a birthday party. I'll rejoin them in an hour and we'll go into the fair grounds where Pride is in full swing!

I'm handing out bookmarks too. I forgot the stack when I left this morning. I wanted to drop them off around Nob Hill too. Oh well. At a later time.

I have to say, I love Albuquerque!!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fire for Pride!

Arizona Wallow fire has been burning up the dry brush since May 29th. New Mexico has been basking in the ashes and smoky haze since June 2nd. (Maybe June 1st...I can’t remember when it reached us)

from krqe
The conditions in the middle of the state are only getting worse. I’ll take the ash and smoke over a fire destroying everything I’ve ever known. I don’t know if the Wallow fire went through communities already, but I know it took out vacation homes and is encroaching on small towns now.

awesome sunset (pic from krqe)
So let’s see. The east has tornadoes, the middle section has floods, and the southwest is on fire. Is there volcanic activity in the west yet? That would round out the disasters. Or a tsunami or something. (I certainly hope this does NOT happen, but I can’t always be optimistic. I think I’ll start asking friends to move out of the west coast now...)

from krqe
It isn’t all bad. I can’t be outside, my house is a warm 98F degrees without the swamp cooler on, I can’t use the swamp cooler because it blows the outside air into my house, I can’t have the windows open to get that cool evening breeze, and my house remains a stifling 90+ hell, but my allergies have yet to react to the smoke! See? Silver lining. There’s always a lining of silver somewhere.

I’ve also managed to write at least ten sentences in that final scene that has been blocking me for over a month! It took two nights to write those, but it offers me some hope it might be finished by July. I wish I understood why my mind shuts down when I try to finish that WIP. Do I not want it done? Do I hate that scene this much? Maybe I know it’ll go off to be a submission and I fear rejection? Ah. I need a shrink in the house!

Citizen Police:
Tonight I’m attending my first citizen police academy alumni meeting. I have no idea what tonight’s class is but the classroom offers air conditioning so I am so there! The police have been involved in a lot of shootings lately, and I’m hoping they discuss it tonight. The news stations are all over the stories and I don’t trust the reports. From experience, the news warps the details to make the police a bad guy. (Sometimes the police are in the wrong, but not as often as the news would make you believe.)

If I remember on Saturday (Pride day! Whoo!) I’ll post a six-sentence-Sunday from the WIP I’m finishing soon. And next week (or Sunday) I’ll post photos from Pride! My gay-bf asked me for fashion advice. (The irony was not lost on me) My advice was a banana hammock and a sign for deposits and withdraws. He informed me that on Pride weekend, signs are unnecessary. I promised him a box of condoms for his Price present. I won’t forget the lube.