Monday, January 16, 2012

Comic Book Art

Continuing from the last post: are comics a form of art? There are many arguments about this. I believe they are most definitely created by artists so therefore, comics are art.

Not all comics are available through Marvel, DC, or TokyoPop (or any other known publisher). Many artists now post their comics online. These are free to read. Advertisements give the artists revenue, but if you want to support the artist/writer, some have the comic available in print you can buy and hide when the grandparents come over.

I’m going to share some of my favorites. All are M/M and 18+ unless noted. Let’s just assume no one should be reading the below links unless you’re allowed to be reading my novels.

Demon of the Underground by Shobana (aka Bob).
The art is pencil and Photoshop, and the details are amazing. I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to art style and fairly picky about which comics I read, so trust me when I say the details are amazing.
The story follows Pogo—a thief who falls into an underground world. So far he’s met a ferret, been chased by guards, and met a mysterious man. The story is in chapter one right now so if you start reading today and follow each weekly update, you won’t need to catch up! Did I mention there’s a ferret named Annie? That’s always a reason to follow a comic.
Bob is also a Dreamspinner Press author. She’s published under Ana Bosch and her first short story is The Dragon Tamer. It’s out in February so check it out. I’m a fan of bittersweet Dreams titles so I’ll be reading it.

Starfigher by Hamletmachine.
I’ve met Hamletmachine at yaoicon and I still think she’s the sweetest person on planet Earth, and she draws 18+ scenes like a pro. Starfighter is set in the future and follows a pilot and his navigator. The sex between them is just wow, and the plot is really picking up after chapter two. Black and white art with a dash of color.

Sfeer Theory by Chira and Muun.
This one belongs in the category of “I’m not sure if this is M/M but it’s so pretty I don’t care.” If it is M/M, it doesn’t quite feel like it yet. (Other than Luca thinking the Prince is hotstuff) And so far, so clean.
I can’t really explain the plot on this one. Isn’t all that confusing, but it seems very hard to explain. It’s too multi-layered to wrap my head around in a single blog post. In a nutshell: Luca works as a lab technician at a school and he harbors the same magic ability the professors are teaching. The art is beautiful, the pages are colored, and the expressions are full of emotions.

Tea House by Emirain.
Finally, I don’t think I can post about M/M comics if I don’t mention this one. The plot might seem cliché—brothel, whores, and love—but the plot skates by those cliché ailments with finesse. The cast list is long, the pairings debated, and the drama flowing. The art is fantastic and every page is colored.

Lucian Thomas from World on Fire would probably be too scattered brained to properly maintain a comic online. and if he did, it would consist entirely of making fun of just how cute Cole is. And a lot of chicken. It's a good thing he's a painter.

Do you have a favorite comic online that I haven't mentioned here? There are many out there so give your favorite a shout out.

A few more links to M/M fixes:
Guilt Pleasure has short stories with illustrations. The artist is a professionally paid one so expect quality from these side projects of hers. Fair warning—the plot lines are dark and can be viewed as cruel.

TJ and Amal starts slow but gains ground. Two guys start a road trip and their adventures are chronicled for your viewing and reading pleasure. I enjoy the humor in this one.

Pick up World on Fire in the Dreamspinner Store and comment for a chance to win it on ebook.


  1. I feel that it is. More so graphic art but still art the same. That's just like say is abstract art? To me it is, and if that can be art and painting a realistic picture of a person be art, then why can't a drawing from a comical picture of a scene or person be art?

    1. Fallingnstar, please email me at hayley.b.james [at] gmail [dot] com to claim your ebook!


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