Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Review: Blue Notes

Maybe I’m biased because I love the French language, I enjoyed Shira Anthony’s prior work, and I met her at Yaoi con (spoiler: she is a sweetheart) but I really like Blue Notes. I’ll be honest and say that I had my doubts after reading other reviews mention “straight gone gay” story line. My experiences with such stories have been disappointing. But Shira Anthony has changed my mind.

The setting: wow. Absolutely fantastic.  The details of the French setting were vivid but not overpowering. I think Shira Anthony needs to write some vacation brochures because I have a strong desire to book a tour now.

Characters: love them. Sometimes authors give too much unrelated history or overly dramatic experiences. I feel what Shira dished out for her boys were just the right amount, and Jason’s reason for quitting seemed entirely normal—which made him more real and likable. I fell in love with Jules and Jason and would read more of their life in the future if there’s another story with them.

Sex: superb. Admit it, we come for the sex and stay for the story. The sex scenes are heated and delicious and line up with the plot perfectly. Shira Anthony has written some of my favorite sex scenes. She's in ranks with Madeleine Urban and Abigail Roux.

I’d recommend the read whether you enjoy music or not. And if you are a music fun (violin, piano, jazz) then this is a must read.

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Friday, February 17, 2012

4-Star Review for Water Waltz

Water Waltz was released on Monday. Hearts on Fire Reviews has a wonderful review available for it.
"Spies, lovers and secrets kept me turning pages through this engaging book.  I am thinking that this book is or should be the first in a series because this story centered around the demons and angels.  Set in an alternate universe, the world is shared be four races of beings, Devils, Fairies, Humans and Angels or Demons.  Each race has its own country and there isn’t too much interaction between the races except an occasional war." 
Read the whole review on Hearts on Fire Review's website. I'm happy to say I do have sequels planned. But none contracted at the moment.
Thank you, Don at Hearts on Fire Reviews.

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Water Waltz is Now Available!

In a land where humans are enslaved as sexual toys, angels and demons are in constant conflict with their playthings. The demon Varun works with STAR, an organization devoted to human liberty, and it’s a never-ending battle.

Two years ago, the angel Triste broke Varun’s heart by choosing to be his butler instead of his beloved, giving Varun no explanation and no hope. However, that doesn’t mean that Triste will simply sit back and watch as Varun takes the human Elden under his protection, and Triste’s secret investigation will unearth terrible secrets, including the kernels of a pernicious plot.

Despite appearances, Triste and Varun are still in love, and Varun may well risk everything to protect Triste and discover why the angel left him heartbroken. But a still worse danger hangs over them as they seek to calm the threat of a catastrophic war.

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

"World on Fire" Fireplace Teaser

One more excerpt for World on Fire. This novel is available now

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The story had a paranormal element to it I haven't alluded much to during the release. Lucian is far from a regular artist. The few reviews have been positive and I'm thrilled readers have enjoyed Lucian's world.


“I hope you don’t fear the dark,” he whispered. Cole opened his mouth to question the statement but stopped with a shock when a crack of thunder rattled the windows and the house was plunged into darkness.
Had Lucian known? Cole blinked, trying to force his eyes to adjust to the darkness more quickly. 
“Will Victoria be all right in the kitchen?” Cole asked to take his mind off the situation.  
“She has eyes like a cat,” Lucian replied. “It’s a family trait.” 
Cole accepted the lack of concern and watched the candles’ flames flicker. Back to the interview. He cleared his throat. “You were speaking about your world here.”
Lucian leaned forward and slid the candleholder closer. “I’m now convinced you don’t understand, Mr. Saunders.” He ran his finger through the first candle’s flame, sending sparks that faded so quickly Cole was sure his eyes had made it up. “I thought for a moment you would.”
“What don’t I understand?” Cole asked.
Lucian placed his hand behind the flame to block the other candles and blew softly, extinguishing the fire. The wick sent up smoke, and Lucian blew on the wispy line. Cole’s eyes widened slightly at the sight. The thin line of smoke twisted upward and split paths to take on an unnatural appearance. Cole closed his eyes and rubbed them. The smoke had almost resembled a twisting snake. 
 “I’ll try my best to understand, but you have me confused about what I’m supposed to understand, Lucian.” 
“Hmm.” Lucian touched the middle candle. This time Cole was sure the sparks were real, and he remembered the brief sight of glittering light in the basement. The sight was similar, if not the same.  
“What was that?” Cole asked with a gasp. “The flame sparked.” 
“It’s speaking to me,” Lucian whispered. He leaned forward and once again blew out the flame. The smoke twisted upward, split, and mingled in the air. The snake appearance deepened in detail. Cole gasped in awe. The shape wasn’t a snake but a long Chinese dragon.  The head took a defined shape and the long body had legs. The dim light from the fireplace made it difficult to tell if it had been real or an illusion.
“How are you doing that?” Cole could hardly find his voice.
Lucian chuckled and moved to the third candle. “This is my world.” He pinched out the last flame.