Monday, January 16, 2012

Talented Artists

Welcome to the release party for World on Fire. I have a few excerpts to share and a few posts about art to discuss. Three lucky readers will be winning an ebook version of World on Fire at the wrap up of the party. To enter the contest just comment on my blog or on the Dreamspinner Press blog(Hint: You need to comment with a valid email address.)

Let's begin.


In World on Fire, Lucian is an artist with a rather unusual talent with paint and canvas, and he’s famous for realistic and beautiful artwork. Since the plot hinges on paintings created by Lucian the artist, I thought I’d start this off by sharing my favorite—and real—artists.

Mark Stock is known for narrative paintings, capturing moments in time with enough details that you can actually see a story behind the image. I’m a big fan of his butler in love series. The details and emotions in each work are just amazing. You can see most of his work on his website

J.C Leyendecker (March 23, 1874 – July 25, 1951) was a commercial artist, and quite the famous one during the early twentieth century. He illustrated fashionable men for Arrow Brand, Kuppenheimer Suits, and Interwoven Socks, as well as capturing the spirit of daily life for The Saturday Evening Post. I admit I might be a fan due to the fancy men in fancy outfits.

I tend to lean toward realistic art as my favorite. To be able to capture reality with paint, pencil, charcoal, or anything else is something I’ll forever be impressed by. Who is your favorite artist?


  1. These works of art are astounding, you are right to say that the art work done by Mark Stock lets you see what the actually picture is about. I think that out of the two I like this one. J.C Leyendecker shows a picture with vibrant colors of a couple sharing a simple moment, I really like it. However it's something about the first picture that sets my mind on that one. Of course my most favorite artist will always be Van Gogh, I still find other artist to capture my eyes as well. but only for a moment in time...

    1. Van Gogh is classic. One thing about a famous artist like that--you can always find prints of his work. You might not be able to own an original, but a poster is just as good! With the two I mentioned, it's harder to find a print. (Well, Mark Stock has a few on Amazon)

      Thanks for the comment~! :D

    2. This is true and I wish I had one of his original just to hang on my It would be awesome!


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