Thursday, November 3, 2011

Locked Out

According to my vehicle, today’s temperature at 8:00 this morning was a chilly 32 degrees Fahrenheit. I have a key chain that separates my car key from the rest of my keys. I got to the new office before my colleague today. I left my jacket in the car since the afternoon will be warm enough to be in just my sweater. I go into the office for the first time using my key and turn off the alarm. I then remember my mobile phone is in the car. I rush out with my car key, grab my phone, and I discover in my ultimate wisdom I’ve locked myself out of the office.
I stood outside to further my show of intelligence until my colleague arrived a few minutes later. I had my car key and could have sat in there, but I didn’t think about that until later. I guess I wanted to punish myself for being a silly duck.

In writing news: I’ve sent the cover and blurb for World on Fire to the publisher. I'm really looking forward to the cover. I also finished the first round of edits early. I focused and worked nonstop until I finished. I doubt I’ll be that fast for the next round...I do love edits.

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