Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Strange Dreams

I don't always remember my dreams but I remember a small part of one from last night. I was given my cover for Water Waltz and it was a green sheet with a gold stamp that looked like a 18th century horse carriage. It was very odd and not fitting for the book...but mostly just ugly.

Upon waking, my sleepy mind convinced me that it was true! It took me a few times of hitting the snooze button before I woke up and remembered that I just send in the cover request so there's no way I got a cover back already.

I get home tonight and receive an email to let me know an artist has been assigned to Water Waltz: Paul Richmond. Paul did the cover for my first book, Undercover Sins, so I'm pleased to have him again. I also trust his work will be exactly what I want and no odd green things.

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