Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hot Angels and Cool Demons Blog Tour

Who doesn't love a good story about angels or demons? It's just the right amount of fantasy to make me a happy reader. (or writer) For the next two weeks there's a blog tour for authors of angel and demon stories.

Not only is the topic a fantastic one, but each commenter gets put into a drawing to win one free ebook from each of the authors!

Read the introduction on Jay Di Meo's blog. And the schedule for the tour is below. Have a wonderful time and the best of luck to you!

November 14: Jay Di Meo
November 15: Ellis Carrington
November 16: Daniel Christian Juris
November 17: JK Coi
November 18: Kiki Howell
November 19: Michael Mandrake
November 20: Angel Martinez
November 21: Marie Dees
November 22: Sara York
November 23: Barbara Elsborg
November 24: Hayley B. James
November 25: Ryssa Edwards
November 26: Andi Anderson
November 27: Arlene Webb
November 28: Diane Hartsock
November 29: Kiernan Kelly
November 30: Tour Wrap Up: Jay Di Meo, Misty Malone, & Marie Dees

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