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Water Waltz: not your typical angels & demons

This is a part of the Hot Angels and Cool Demons blog tour.

I love the concept of angels and demons. Regardless of any biblical ties, the idea of such beings is fascinating. To me angels and demons are in the same circle as elves and faeries: magical or supernatural beings that some believe to exist without having proof.

Is there a different between a man with wings and an angel? Probably. However, there’s no difference in my mind. In my writing I’ve taken the concept of an angel and removed the link to religion. In Water Waltz, I’ve created my own version of an angel with the ability to conceal his wings within his body.

Demons are usually considered malevolent supernatural beings from hell or the underworld. If angels symbolize the good, then demons are the evil. I’ve used the idea of demons to create my own version of such a creature. In Water Waltz, my demons carry power over elements, and I separated demons and devils—giving the sensual nature to the devils. 

Water Waltz is a tale with a political nature and a romance twisted deeply into the plot. The angel and demon races share a volatile relationship with humans. Devils and faeries are added to the mix but are not touched on too deeply in the first book.

Varun is a demon with control over water working with an organization to protect humans that are brought across the border for illicit purposes. His angel butler—Triste—is his ex-lover whom he still loves. Varun had only accepted Triste’s decision to end their life together to be his servant in hopes his angel would return to him. Varun rescues a human and discovers a plot to stir up war. While Varun races to uncover the one responsible, Triste goes behind his back to do just the same. But Triste reveals a dangerous secret which jeopardizes his life. It’s up to Varun to save him and rekindle their lost romance.

Fremont removed his hat and placed it on his knee. The red hair, freed of the confines of fabric, fell into place. Longer locks around Fremont’s face framed his high cheek bones and gave view to temples without horns.
“Why?” he asked.
“Why have I not returned calls?” Varun sought clarity.
Fremont smiled, shifted in his seat, freeing his tail from beneath him. “I don’t really care when I’m ignored by you. I ignore you as well. I want to know why you’re here and why now.”
“Would you believe I’m lonely?”
“No.” Fremont laughed, placing his arm behind Varun on the seat. “I heard about Barish. I assume it was you.”
“Is there anyone who hasn’t heard about Barish?”
“Since the lounge opened this morning, the whispers have all been about him. Some say he was murdered, and others say he choked on his favorite wine.” Fremont’s lips curved into a smirk. “But the odd thing is, no one cares. It’s just another death, and I can’t say most even cared about him.”
Varun nodded slowly, watching as Fremont’s tail snaked across his thigh. He’d allow the intrusion “Are humans still in the brothel?”
“Yes. When there’s a demand, there’s a supply. Sally wished to relieve the two strays she already employed, so she accepted three more. You know she treats them fair.”
“Yes. The desire to seek a female human for sexual gratification doesn’t exist.”
“Which are seen more with the humans?”
“It’s about even.” Fremont scooted closer. “The angels like humans because they’re tough like demons without being demons. The demons like humans because they’re soft like angels without being angels.” He tilted his head before adding, “And devils like everything.”
“Devils are insatiable creatures.” Varun chuckled. “And they have wicked tails.” His hand closed around Fremont’s tail, removing it from his lap. “Mind your manners, Fremont.”
“My tail has an entirely different set of rules to live by.” Fremont winked.

Water Waltz is now available from Dreamspinner Press!!

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  1. Love your photos!! And great extract. There is something about guys with wings, isn't there!!

  2. I am really looking forward to this book!

  3. :) Love Fremont, Hayley! Sounds like an exciting story.

  4. I agree, the photos are wonderful.

    Loved the excerpt and I'm adding Water Waltz to my must have list. Hurry up, February 2012!

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  5. Fascinating story line! You've really caught my interest with this excerpt. Oh, and lovely pictures. :)

  6. Lol! Love the last line of the excerpt, sounds interesting, thanks for being part of the hop. Also love the pictures on this post ;)

  7. Ooh, very interesting ideas - I love your new breed of angels and demons, and also the story of Varun and Triste! I can't wait to read it! :)

  8. Thank you, everyone! I was nervous to participate, but very happy I did. ;)

  9. Oh I like this a lot. It sounds so intriguing. I have been enjoying the worlds built and explored, and this one sounds so very good....*S*
    Thank you so much for being a part of this blog tour.*S*
    I am adding your book to my must & gotta have list as I know I'm going to love it...*S*


  10. Oh, this is SO going on my to-buy list! It sounds wonderful!


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