Friday, October 28, 2011

Vacation is over...back to work

I've returned home from San Francisco, but I think I left all my free-time there. Luckily I caught up to my deadlines as far as writing is concerned, but everything else has fallen off my map. My bags are still packed, and my house is a disaster. How it got so dirty is beyond me. I wasn't there to mess it up...

The day job is going well. We're moving so I've been packing while working. I discovered I like to pack and get rid of things. (trash or donations--doesn't matter! Just get it out of my life) And then today I gave myself a gnarly cardboard cut under my nail and across the fingertip. I won't be typing normally for a few days. Ouch.

Today, October 28th, is my birthday. I'm a year older and, so I've been told, wiser. I agree to the first but not the second. Hello? Cardboard cut is not something a wise person would do...I'm sure of it. Last night I went out with my parents for a birthday dinner and enjoyed a steak. Today my coworker is buying my sushi for lunch. If anything, 2011 is the year I'm spoiled for my birthday. I usually ignore this day by being out of town so maybe this is how birthdays are supposed to be. I have no complaints so far. I have amazing family, work colleagues, and friends.

Earlier this week I received an email to let me know World on Fire has started the editing process! This morning I received another email asking for cover specification. I can edit all day, but I am dreading the cover. I went to school for graphic design and one class included making commercial product logos and labels. I am terrible with it. I might have passed, but no company would've bought my designs. I hope to sit down this weekend and really give it a good think. I want this cover to be great!

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