Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Elemental Attraction Series

Water Waltz is a political thriller with countries set against each other. The two lead characters, Varun and Triste, move along with the plot they help shape. Fire Tango is a murder mystery with characters set against each other. The murders and Fremont himself move the plot. The two stories are similar and share the world introduced in Water Waltz, but politics do not come into play for Fire Tango as they do in Water Waltz.

The story starts a year after Water Waltz. The demons are cracking down on human trade, and all crimes against humans are now handled exclusively by STAR. Fremont is accused of murdering a human, and the ordeal forces him to face his past. Despite wanting to see to it himself, Leandre joins Fremont in his journey to the devil country of Spezia where everything falls apart.

I didn’t originally set out to write Fire Tango as a murder mystery. In my first outline, Fremont’s past was going to spur more political movements, but it just didn’t feel right. Stepping away from world building gave me a change to further develop characters and character relations. I also think a murder mystery is a tad more fun than bickering countries.

The romance in Fire Tango is also very different than the one in Water Waltz. Fremont and Leandre have an established relationship that’s put to the test. Fremont struggles with his belief that he’ll lose Leandre if Leandre gets to know him too well. It’s a fear I’m sure a lot of readers understand. Letting another person know you as you know yourself can be terrifying.

They also face outside sources of difficulties. The world plot comes into play when devils and demons are two races not allowed to fall in love. Hard choices come into play for Leandre and Fremont, and bring up the question of whether or not the love will survive. But don’t worry. The question is answered by the end.

What do you like in your fantasy books? Some epic worlds or some epic adventure?

FireTango and Water Waltz are both available now.


  1. This sounds so interesting! :) Especially the murder mystery angle you decided to take, and the idea of Fremont having secrets he's kept from Leandre. To answer your question... Forgive me for sounding greedy, but I really do like stories with both epic worlds and epic adventure. However, if I had to choose one, I'd choose the adventure. It gets frustrating reading tons of description about an interesting world and never getting to see people actually do exciting stuff in that world.

    1. Fremont is filled with mystery. Such a devil, that one. ;)

      I'm a greedy one too. And you're right, it is hard to have one without the other. But I'm a character lover in my heart. Skip the fantastic world and give me some interesting characters lol.

  2. I'd have to say I choose adventure since what I'm writing for NaNo has to do with demons as well. I definitely want to read these books.

    1. Woo! Demons! Good luck with nanowrimo. I think I need to raise the white flag on my wip for it. I might have fallen too far behind to catch up.

      thanks for the comment!

  3. I enjoy both really. I love the world building and the adventures so it is hard to choose which one...:)I pretty much all the m/m and its sub genres.
    Thank you for the giveaway, and congrats on your new release!

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  5. Looks great. Can't wait to get a chance to read it.



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