Thursday, November 8, 2012

Continuing the Fire Tango party


When I get a story idea, parts of the plot are thought out first, and when I feel like I need to write it, I start by naming characters. Sometimes it’s easy, but other times I research names to use. It’s a fun part in the process, and sometimes I rename characters when the name just doesn’t seem to fit as the character grows.

I’ve blogged about the names for Water Waltz before, but I’ll review it here and add to it for the new characters introduced in Fire Tango. 

Fremont is the lead in Fire Tango. He was a side character in Water Waltz but his story begged to be told. His name wasn’t picked for a special reason. It’s just a name I like. I think it fits his personality though.

Leandre is our second lead. He, too, had his debut in Water Waltz. His name is Greek and means “lion man.” He’s a strong but gentle character. In Fire Tango he faces torment of the heart, but stands his ground to protect his lover.

Fitzgerald is the first faerie character. His name came from one of my favorite authors. Fitz is a close friend of Fremont’s. Once upon a time, there were two casinos in downtown Las Vegas. One was Fitzgerald and the other was Fremont. The names have been changed now, but I found the fact amusing.

The wrench (one of many) in Fremont and Leandre’s perfect romance is Kestrel Du Chastain. He’s a devil from Fremont’s past with nothing but good intentions. I really love this name. Kestrel is a small bird of prey. Chastain is from Old French castan for chestnut tree. So Kestrel’s full name means “bird of prey of the chestnut tree.” It wasn’t intentional, but it sure does fit.

The bad guy is Riston. Every story needs a baddie, and this one is out to see Fremont suffer. His name is related to his element—earth.

Another earth demon introduced is Pekelo. His name means “rock.” I simply adore Pekelo. He started out as a love interest to be developed beside Leandre and Fremont’s budding relationship, but it just didn’t fit the murderous plot. So Pekelo’s romance story is saved for the third book. I just need to plan and write it.

We also meet some devils I named after friends—Estella, Moro, Anna, Laura, and even Juxon. The family name, St Aryie, is also a friend’s name. And the Constable Stephen Banks is a tease to a dear friend. When I need to name a bunch of characters, I go to my social media pages. So like or friend me on Facebook, and comment when I do a name call post. I might use your name too.

I’ve posted a guide to the locations for Water Waltz, and it includes all the key places in Fire Tango as well. (Loire in Bretagne, and Foxwood in Spezia) 

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  1. Wow. I haven't really thought just how difficult it would be in developing character names. I imagine that each author is different is how they create the names with each story.
    Thank you for sharing how you've come up with the names, and can't wait to read the series. :)


    1. I just have to comment on your name, Darcy. In the planning documents for book 3 (and 4) I have a devil named Darcy. So your name has a special place in my heart.

  2. Love the names your character chose for themselves! They are very appropriate. Thanks for the info. I have a list of names plus there is a website which contains a name generator (both first and last names) as well as a plot generator. Very interesting site to visit.


    1. What site is it?
      I visit thinkbabynames because they often have uncommon names, and they link to alternative spellings of names. I can also search a word and find names linked to that word.

    2. I'm sorry I didn't reply earlier. Didn't know you had responded. Here's the link:
      Check out both left and right sides of the page. Tons of great ideas. Even if you think something doesn't apply to your way of writing, you still can change it. The name generator is awesome. You can choose one name or what ever amount from the dropdown. I went ahead and copy/pasted a bunch of them (asking the generator to produce more and more), into a Word file. I've been using them in a story for NaNo. Hope you like it. You can email me at

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  4. Looks great. Can't wait to get a chance to read it.



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