Saturday, November 10, 2012

Elemental Attraction: Not your usual devils

There are five races in the Elemental Attraction world: demons, angels, humans, devils, and faeries. The first pages in the novels give a brief explanation of the races. I’ve received reviews and emails from readers surprised that I took creatures with established mythology and changed it. My version of angels is not that from the bible. Demons and devils are different species. Faeries aren’t the ones in any Disney movie.
I took my artistic license and changed the terms to my liking. That’s what’s so great about fantasy. Angels don’t have to be the same creature in every story. Yes, my angels have weaker bones, but that doesn’t make them weak. Demons have horns, faeries have insect-like wings, and devils have tails. Physical characteristics separate the creatures from the humans, but it doesn’t link them to any set law of fantasy creatures.
Initially I wasn’t going to have devils or faeries. But as I wrote Water Waltz and thought to the future of the world I was creating, I knew I needed to have other countries with other races. And Fremont was just too flirtatious to be a demon.
The creature races also have cultures dividing them. In Fire Tango, how devils view sex differs greatly of how demons and angels do. Devils are viewed negatively because of their more accepting nature to sex and physical desires. But devils view how demons and angels hide sexual desires as strange. Neither is in the right or the wrong, but their cultures clash over just the one thing.

Do you prefer reading the known and loved lore of fantasy creatures, or new versions of angels, demons, and the like?

FireTango and Water Waltz are both available now.


  1. Since these are fantasy creatures, It is my opinion that the creator has the right to envision them as they wish. In the book I'm writing, the 18 yr old angel doesn't even know he's 'part' angel, part human, until a demon is about to kill his incubus lover. Then Karate Kid comes out to the rescue! LOL Yeah, what a mess, huh? But imagine how boring it would if everyone out there wrote about the same exact beings. Why be normal? :-D Normal is boring.

  2. Your world, your story, your imagination. :) Having ones expectations overturned can make for an exciting read.


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