Thursday, June 21, 2012

Manga and Romance Grand Prize

This contest has ended.

Out of 391 entries collected and numbered, picked #328 - amilyn! Congratulations! I've sent you an email. Thank you everyone who participated and commented. Thank you!!

To Enter:
  • Leave a comment on participating blogs with your email so I can contact you. (One comment is counted per blog post. Let’s not spam anyone.)
  • On websites without a comment section you have the option to participate in the “scavenger hunt” for one entry per site. (See below)

Scavenger hunt!

Below is the list of links without comment sections and what I want you to find on each site.
  • Email me (hayley.b.james at gmail) with your answer.
  • Include "Blog Hop Prize" in the subject of your email.
  • An entry only counts if you email me the 1. site name and 2. the answer.
  • You can do as many as you want. It's one entry per site. (If you do two, your name is entered twice toward the grand prize)
1. Avenier / Spectre
Find me the name which appears on page eleven in the Spectre comic.

Find me what page TJ and Amal first exchange names.
(hint—chapter two)

Find me the link to Aarin Secret Yaoi Magazine.
(hint—this is on the main forum as a description)

Find me the release date of "Say Please" by Kano Miyamoto.

5. Little Foolery / That Which Wills
Find me the first written word on That Which Wills page nine.

6. Starfighter Comic
Find me what Cain tells Abel on page 25 in chapter one. (There are no plot spoilers on this page)

The Prizes!
One ebook (7 in total) from each of the following authors:
  • H.C. Brown
  • RJ Scott
  • Sara York
  • Shira Anthony
  • JR Loveless
  • Hayley B. James
  • Kerry Freeman

Two Yaoi Press titles.

Winner's pick of one Boy’s Love Bang Bang title:


  1. Have not read Yaoi yet but interested.Love m/m books

  2. Ijust love yaoi and can't what to read some other type of m/mromance

  3. OMG! SQUEEE!!! I won? Wow! Now I have to make decisions? ~bounces~ Thanks so much!!!! I'll email shortly. :D


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