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Interview with Starfighter Creator Hamletmachine

There are a lot of webcomics portraying relationships between men. Majority are free to read online and have chapters with bonus content available to purchase.
Support what you love--purchase art you want to encourage.

A few ones I read/love/admire (in alphabetical order):
Demon of the Underground (Wonderful art and intriguing world building)
Less Then Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal (funny, heartwarming, all around enjoyable)
Mahou Shounen Fight (So many colors!)
Sfeer Theory (gorgeous art and a complex, interesting world)
Spacejinx (robot sex bot, wut? Humorous and entertaining)
Spectre (Just got started but the plot building blocks are already interesting)
That Which Wills (a short story from the creators of Sfeet Theory)
Teahouse (as their site says, it's fancy whores)

And lastly, Starfighter. I was able to ask the brains behind Starfighter comic, Hamlet Machine, a few questions for the Manga and Romance blog hop.
Thank you for joining us for the Manga and Romance blog hop. Your comic, Starfighter, falls under the definition I’m using for yaoi. What inspired you to write/draw yaoi and when did you first get into the yaoi genre?
Thank you for having me, it's an honor! I first discovered anime and manga as a young teenager; I loved the style and adult concepts it had to offer and was very much a gawky, embarrassing nerd about Escaflowne and such. One day, using the family computer in search of Gundam Wing images on awesomely 90s anime webrings, I stumbled across an erotic yaoi doujinshi of Heero and Duo- that's when I created Starfighter- I'm kidding! But that was my first introduction to yaoi! Even as a teenager, I was very interested in romance and erotic art. I found that hentai didn't really fulfill the emotional context that I wished for and that the romantic shojo I read never strayed too far into 18+ territory- yaoi had both, so it was like a genre jackpot.

As for what inspired me to write and draw yaoi- I noticed that I had accumulated a fairly large collection of yaoi manga but had never tried my hand at it! Starfighter is my first comic and it started out as an experiment (I recall telling friends it was only going to be "a few pages") I wanted to create a hybrid: a story that pays homage to the genre I enjoyed so much, but also a story that changes some of the conventions that I found reoccurring in yaoi which were not my personal preference.

Starfighter is rated 18+ with some delicious scenes. How long have you been drawing the male anatomy?
Oh, thank you! I have been drawing since I was little, but I would say my study of the human body, in earnest, really started in college when I was taking life drawing. That experience was invaluable.

I’ve been reading Starfighter since the third page was posted. Did you ever imagine the popularity would reach these levels? 
Oh wow! That is so awesome to hear! Haha, thank you so much for sticking with it! And gosh, no- I did not expect any of the attention it garnered. It will forever amazing and humbling to me that so many people enjoy Starfighter. To you and other readers, thank you so much!

What went into creating the website and launching Starfighter comic? 
Before the Starfighter site, I had been posting all of the pages on DeviantArt (perhaps you remember these days!)- this worked until about page 18 or so when things started to get dirty! I knew I wanted the comic to have a lengthy sex scene and uploading pages of all censored panels was not going to fly-- so my partner, Thisbe, created a home for Starfighter! Thisbe is the mastermind for the site and he's done a really wonderful job, if I may say so!

Thank you for joining us. You're such a sweetheart. Could you share links with the readers? 
Thank you so much, it's been great! :)


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  1. I love Starfighter! Been following for a good while now and am always so excited when a new page goes up. Thanks so much for this!

  2. Wow, interesting. Now I need to check it out ^.^

  3. I just popped over to the Starfighter website and took a peek. It looks great! It's a little weird to see the sound effects written in English. I'm not used to that. :-)

  4. This is new to me; I must check it out ASAP!

    Tracey D

  5. Thanks for the interview,I love Starfighter!!



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