Thursday, April 26, 2012

World on Fire reviews--Readers are "getting it!"

I can't speak for other authors, but there's nothing I love more than reading a review where the reader really "got" the story. The reader understood my intentions behind the world I built and saw the characters through their actions and the world around them. And lately it seems World on Fire has been read by such readers.

Where many reviews complained about the POV and Lucian's strangeness remaining a mystery for much of the story, Blip on Goodreads saw through the frustration.
"Cole is a very withdrawn soul at the beginning of the book, and he stays that way throughout most of it. Slowly he becomes more present, but it's very slow, and his emersion into presence comes in a rush on the heels of epiphany. Until that moment though, the writing style serves to make the reader feel every bit as confused (and kind of withdrawn) as Cole feels. And therein lies the beauty of the book. Cole changes from this withdrawn man to an engaged man and we, the readers, are able to experience the journey with him."
Nikyta on Amazon saw the intention as well. The book isn't built around plot. The characters are the plot. Especially Cole's growth from the first page to the last page.
"Like I said, it's a strange book and it won't appeal to a lot of people because nothing extravagant happens until the end. BUT I think that was one of it's charms for me. It was a slow book, that focused on understanding a man who had an extraordinary talent who possibly is not at all sane."

Just because I picked out these two reviews doesn't mean I don't appreciate all the reviews. These had points that made me grin. The readers "got it" and that feels so good! Thank you to Blip and Nikyta and all readers spending time to write a review. Thank you! Thank you!

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