Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Water Waltz: inspiration from the oddest of places

Inspiration for Water Waltz came from many sources.

I first got a tickle of an idea while watching the animated series, Archer. Yes. That crude show inspired me. I thought, “Wouldn’t it be fun to have a story with an assassin in love with his butler?” The star of Archer (named Archer) has an old man as a butler and is cruel to him on so many levels, so I guess that could explain the terse way Varun and Triste communicate with each other in Water Waltz, but their relationship is a bit more complicated than my need to have characters bicker.

When I write a story I sometimes pick out a song I come across in the writing process that just fits. Once in a while it helps shape the story, and other times it could be a theme song to what’s already shaped. In the case of Water Waltz, I got Panic at the Disco’s new album and fell in love with Trade Mistakes. It’s perfect for Triste and Varun and their story as a whole. Panic at the Disco is one of my favorite bands. I love their style just as much as I love their sound. Bow tie and suspenders on stage? Yes, please, Mr. Fancy-pants. 

Around the same time I was juggling with the idea of an assassin and butler romance, I was also watching classic movies from the 1930s. To narrow it down further: Fred Astaire movies. Yes, I’m young and a fan of Astaire. I can’t say the plot lines for his movies are earth shattering or even remotely good, but I like to watch him dance and wear brilliant suits. So my angel—Triste—became a dancer. In fact, dance was a minor part of the plot but very much there.

This brings me to my final inspiration: surprise. I love when a story can twist in such a way that leaves me shocked but satisfied (because the twist is not far-fetched) by the turn of events. Like in Undercover Sins, I attempt to surprise readers with a twist--or two. I certainly hope I was successful. (read this post for more about the angels, demons, and other races in Water Waltz.)

The time setting in Water Waltz is undetermined (in other words: never mentioned) and since it is a fantasy setting in a fantasy land, I’ve meshed eras together. We already covered how I adore 1930s musicals, so that’s a big part of the world. I also read far too many historical British novels (1890s or so) so that blended into the time period as well.

I’ve created a world for Water Waltz—one I hope to revisit in future novels.

 Water Waltz is now available

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