Friday, July 29, 2011

World on Fire accepted!

My second submission to Dreamspinner Press has been accepted! I’m so very excited about this one. I dragged my feet on my edits before submitting the manuscript and I sort of regret that now. This year has been like living on a crazy farm and I still can’t find my marbles. When I grasp at a few, I end up pushing them out of reach. It’s slightly terrifying but also extremely fun.

World on Fire mixes an introvert and an extrovert with a dash of fantasy. I hope readers enjoy it. One complaint from Undercover Sins was the lack of delving into Demetrius’s head. Third person stories can jump into any character’s head, but I use third person limited. World on Fire is told from Cole’s point of view in third person. When one character is a puzzle, limiting the third person perspective is a way to keep that puzzle a mystery. (That and Lucian’s mind is too fast-paced to safely dive into.)

I’m waiting on word back regarding Water Waltz—my manuscript with demons, angels, devils, and faeries. I’m waiting patiently on that one. I have high hopes for it.

World on Fire is set for a January-February 2012 release. I’ll keep you posted.


  1. Congrats!!! I'm so happy for you! But with your talent I'm not surprised. World on Fire is one of my favorites. Its one of the very few stories that really touched me. Now I just have to wait six months for my own copy!!

  2. thank you so much!!!! <3 You've always been so sweet to me. *blush*
    I'm happy to know you liked WoF so much. :D It's always fantastic to be told something I've written could touch someone. :)

    Six months and you can have your own professionally edited copy! woo-hoo!! :D

    Thank you for the comment and for the constant support! *hugs*


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