Friday, July 15, 2011

WIP Teaser

I felt like sharing a small part of this WIP since it is now in the editing stage. I started in April and in July it will be completed and ready for submission.

This unedited teaser needs a little background: Varun is a demon and Fremont is a devil. That's all you're getting. ;)


Fremont scooted closer. “The angels like humans because they’re tough like demons without being demons. The demons like humans because they’re soft like angels without being angels.” He tilted his head before adding, “And devils like everything.”

“Devils are insatiable creatures,” Varun chuckled. “And they have wicked tails.” His hand closed around Fremont’s tail, removing it from his lap. “Mind your manners, Fremont.”

“My tail has an entirely different set of rules to live by.” Fremont winked.

“How have you been really?” Varun ran his thumb across the soft skin of a devil’s tail.

“I find good in everything, Varun. Rain never touches my sunshine.”

“I’m glad of it.”

Fremont took his hat from his knee. “I’m so happy you’ve stopped by to visit, dear Varun. Does this visit come with a meal?” He placed the bowler on Varun, adjusting it to sit just right. “Maybe I’ll accept the offer if you offered.”

Varun smiled at the hint.

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