Wednesday, June 22, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Much like Six Sentence Sunday, here's a small tease from a work in progress. I plan to use my blog more for this type of posts, so expect more teasers from me.

This one is from my most current WIP. It’s fantasy with humans, demons, angels, devils, and faeries (oh my). A beta has said it has a touch of steampunk to it. I love Victorian era and steampunk so I can see why that element might have slipped into the story. I’m enjoying the plot and characters, and I’m taking my time to groom and grow all parts of the story. It’s nearly done now so I hope to have it ready for submission by fall.

Enjoy this WIP Wednesday tease.

“You’re a tyrant some days.” Nolyn squeezed passed Varun, nodding a goodbye to Triste. “Be kind to your butler, Varun.”
“Kind?” Varun whispered, moving his gaze onto Triste. He lifted his hand to tuck back a lock of silver hair that had fallen out of place. An angel with silver and white mixed hair was rare.
“The—” Triste ran his fingers through the fringe across his forehead, repeating the fix Varun had done. “The human is still asleep, and I’ve placed water in the room for him.”
“Are you concerned?”
“Concerned about a human, sir? Not entirely.”
Varun studied the angel, observing the green eyes that were so uncharacteristic for his angel type. Triste could have been so much more.

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