Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Undercover Sins: 5-Stars

This was brought to my attention this morning. I love when reviews give the good and bad from a book. Thank you, Chris Castle "Readiculous." Next book, there's lube and I'll be sure to have enough foreplay to satisfy as well. ;)

Chris Castle "Readiculous" gave Undercover Sins 5 stars:
I really enjoyed this story. It's not the best I've ever read, but it's among the few I would say are truly original and inspired. Here are some pro's and con's
(Spoilers ahead):

The bad news:
1. I was a little put off by the characters' use of proper English. Some people might not care, but I found it distracting and unrealistic to have each of the mobsters, whores, and uneducated meatheads speak in full, descriptive sentences free of contractions.

2. There were a few plot divots. Nothing major, but sometimes the actions of the character didn't match what the reader knows about them. Especially when it comes to the way Demetrius treats Ty and vice versa.

3. I wanted a little more out of the sex scenes (call me greedy if u must). There just wasn't enough foreplay, creativity or lube to make me happy. Still, I DID enjoy them; I just wanted more.

The good news:
1. I REALLY enjoyed the plot. I have a ridiculous amount of m/m fiction on my Kindle and after a while it all gets mundane, and unoriginal. But in this case I really had no idea what was going to happen next and I enjoyed that immensely. I've read it all, so that's really saying something. The author even had me going at the end about certain things (I'll let you read). I was like, 'No. No way. Nah...really? OMG! Awww.'

2. I love, love, love grit! Sometimes I like a nice sweet story about two people who fall in love, but most of the time, I'm a hardcore grit fan. I don't shy away from reading something distasteful or morally bankrupt. I really like the fact that this author wasn't afraid to make the main character do horrible, horrible things and then be cute afterward. The guy is a human trafficker; he's not full of rainbows and anyone expecting that should read another book.

3. Despite it all, I wanted the two leads to come together. I connected to Ty and his struggle between loving someone evil and hating him at the same time. There were times I felt the same way about Demetrius and any time I can 'fall in love' with a human traffiker, I call it good writing.

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