Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The end of CPA

My Citizen Police Academy is ending on Thursday. It's been a long 13 week course and I have loved 90% of it. I had respect for officers before, but this course has tripled that respect. I won't get on my soap box about police and the public, but I will say that too many don't see police as human...I didn't even realize how I disconnected them from Average Joe until after this course.

Anyway. I think getting some free time will help me get my writing flow back. I'm already writing again but I need to get some sex scenes down! I'll get on that soon. Soon. I have one in the works that is a rewrite of an unpublished work that I hold close to my heart and want to finish it with the love it deserves. I would love to see it published. We'll see.

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