Saturday, September 7, 2013

Waiting for Summer to Turn and Fall

Welcome to September! I’m sorry for my absence in updating properly. I don’t know what happened to August, but I have a few updates to share. 
  • Polyester Prince was accepted by Dreamspinner Press! If you’re read Paid Leave (and you really should) you might remember Kyle. This is his story immediately following the events in Paid Leave. Kyle falls for a bicycle cop named Isaac he meets during the Pride parade in Albuquerque. The expected release date is January or February 2014. I’ll update with a specific date at a later time.  More information about Polyester Prince can be found in the coming soon section.
  • I have a new silhouette image to use in my logo created for me by the wonderful Charlie Cochet! It’s in the header above under my name. I adore it. She’s so talented.
  • I’ve officially began writing the sequel to Undercover Sins, tentatively titled Undercover Desires. It takes place a few years after Undercover Sins and in a new city. The two main characters return, but this time around they’re part of the supporting cast. I’ll post more about it in the upcoming months.
  • I am 100% ready for summer to be over. I want cooler weather! 
  • If you want quicker updates, please friend me on Facebook (I won't bite) or like my author page. I tend to update my Facebook profile more than the page, but I update both with relevant information more often than Twitter or tumblr...which are both just silly fun times all the time.
That's all I have for today. I know I've made this promise before, but I'll update more regularly. (I hope)

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