Monday, May 28, 2012

Gay Superheroes!

If you watch my twitter or read my blog or even know me in real life, you probably already know I'm a fan of superheros and comics. I don't read American comics anymore since I've fallen out of love with the art styles, (don't get me started on the women depictions in comics) but I'm still in love with the industry, the fans, the fandoms, and of course the movies.
So I'm thrilled when I hear about gay characters being out and proud on comic pages! It's out now that Alan Scott, aka DC's Green Lantern is out of his closet. A spoilery interview with the author of Earth Two is here on io9. Is Green Lantern that horrible movie with Ryan Reynolds? Too bad he wasn't out when they made the movie. hehehe. Earth Two hits the stands on June 6.
And of course there's a big gay wedding for Northstar in Astonishing X-Men issue 51 out in June. I'll buy this one even though I haven't read any of the prior issues.

Following any wonderful LGBT news there are jerks out there that want to stop the children from being taught gay is okay and acceptable. Heaven forbid the younger generation is raised to not discriminate. The right-wing group One Million Moms is up in arms over Marvel's wedding announcement. I guess they're okay with scantily clad female superheroes and villains grinding against the males with water balloon boobage. That's okay because it's "natural." (insert rolled eyes here) How dare comic books teach the children that two people can love one another regardless of genders. That's a rant for another time...

I want this wedding issue to sell out. I want it to sell out IN STORES on the day of release. (June 20th) I expect it to sell out just like the issue of Life With Archie featuring Kevin Keller's same-sex wedding. (Before this issue, I didn't even know Archie comics existed anymore. I used to love them. *sad face*) One Million Moms rarely "win" when they raise a fuss over something LGBT-related and I think their fuss is great press. I hope they rage when they watch their hard work fall on deaf ears over and over again.


Buy Astonishing X-Men issue 51 in June and maybe even get issue 50 while you're there (Northstar proposes to Kyle in issue 50) even though the reviews for the plot are quite bad.


  1. I'd gladly buy it, but I don't think it'll be available in my country. I'll look for this on e-bay.

    However, I think that such initiatives should be promoted. Those comics are read by various people (not only LGBT supporters) and even if there is just a slight chance that they'll change their opinion, we should take it.

    I'll also cross my fingers for this issue to be sold out on the same day.

    1. These comics books taking a step to show the next generation (more kids read these than 30-somethings...I think) that gay is normal and isn't something to be ashamed about is a HUGE step in the right direction. I'm proud of both DC and Marvel for having openly gay characters. Heaven knows the fans already pair them up in fan art. (hehehe) But coming right from the official books will have a positive impact.

      Thanks for the comment :)


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