Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Look for Blogger

I am lost and confused by this new interface, Google! But I forgive you because programmers and designers need jobs too.

Soon I'll be having a guest blogger! I pretend to know what I'm doing half the time, but really I just ooze confidence in my bewilderment. It's a secret I'm sharing with you, dear readers. So for my guest blogger, we picked a topic and released the words in wild abandonment! I've read her post I'll be posting here You guys are in for a treat. She made my post look like I scribbled it in crayon and pinned it to the refrigerator.

I won't keep it a secret. The guest blogger is author JR Loveless! She's one of my closest friends and a wonderful person (and author!). She's definitely made a name for herself in a short time. Check out her site and blog.

I'm still working on my work in progress, Fire Tango, and hammering out the plot. But lately I've received an influx of emails asking if I'm going to write a sequel for Undercover Sins. I haven't on planned it. If I continue to see interest, that might change, but as of today there is no sequel in the works. I appreciate every note I see on my first novel. It's very encouraging!


  1. Sequel or not, I'm still a fan & look forward to ur next book!!! I can't wait :-)

  2. Awesome! Thank you so much! :D January or February 2012 for World on Fire ;)
    Sadly, not a police drama this time.


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