Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lost with my Muses

I've been neglecting my online homes lately. I've been mad busy with a lot of things. One is a WIP that my muses have just taken off with! I think I'll finish it shortly. The other is revision of a submission. I have one final scene to revise and edit before I can submit. I also want to clear out some finer details since it gets a little complicated.

I just read the Adrien English mysteries by Josh Lanyon. I do love an ending that isn't fairy tail but still satisfying. I'm moving on with Lanyon books to read Mexican Heat. It comes up a lot in fan discussions and reviews for Undercover Sins. I'm curious to see how closely the two are related. I've read a lot of free fiction on forums, but I've only recently started in on the published romance. I'm a late bloomer. I like Josh Lanyon for the lack of lengthy sex scenes. I feel comfortable reading his novels at work. No glancing around, worrying who might have super vision and can read a Nook from 15 yards away. (Note: no one I work with can.)

I've finally convinced my day-job boss that the world is moving into the digital age. After a year of making fun of my Nook, he wanted my opinion on which e-reader he should buy. (he listed iPad in the lot...I'm not a fan.) I still don't think he'll make the jump, but he's thinking about it. I wasn't sure I'd like the e-reader, but I truly do. I can sleep with it and not bend pages.

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