Saturday, March 19, 2011

There's no coffee in Podunk

No offense to those of you who are living in a true Podunk place, but Albuquerque is far from the definition of Podunk.

pic from wikipedia
 Once upon a time I remembered watching a movie with two of my closest friends. This movie had an FBI agent from Dallas moving to Albuquerque, NM. It recently came across highly recommended to me by Netflix, so I figured I'd watch it again because maybe when I was younger I didn't know what was good. 
No, even now it sucks. I thought--back then--that it was an old movie or at least set in the 1980s. But no. This is a 2004 production.

outside of Starbucks
Let me tell ya, don't listen to this movie. We have a Starbucks. Actually, we have a LOT of Starbucks. Gallup is not a part of Albuquerque even though they are close. We happen to have more than two FBI agents and a big ol' building separate from the court house to house them in!
The city has a population of 535,239 and this population requires coffee and law enforcement!(and donuts for that law enforcement)

Oh and contrary to popular belief, we are not run on horse and carriages like the wild west. I promise. I'd probably be a bigger fan of horses if this was the case.
from wikipedia

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