Friday, April 15, 2011

Cop Lobster

Funny thing.

One evening, not so long ago, my friends went shopping at thrift stores and found a GI Joe cop. They of course purchased said Joe and gave him to me. It is insanely silly to have but I love it. (I just need to pull a Ken doll from the attic for him to...'protect' now) That same night, the same friend made me a lobster doll out of felt. During the course of the evening the lobster was named "Cop Lobster" and his theme song is set to the tune of Rock Lobster. (the dinner was brilliant.)

So when my other friend (who does not know the above two) gives me a cop lobster toy...I cannot help but laugh. Cops & Lobsters. What IS that? She didn't know either but picked it up for me to enjoy.

Last night I graduated from my Citizen Police Academy. I met the full line of command (minus the Chief who is out of the country) and signed up for the advance course, the Alumni Association, and to volunteer with the PD. (There is a lot of paperwork for volunteering.) I thought I'd get a lot of information to use in my next stories, but I picked up more inspiration from the people than the course work. I also learned what I did wrong in Undercover Sins. I purposely skewed some facts, but others I just didn't know. I know now though.

I have a story I'm in the process of editing and another I'm nearly finished with. Both I'll submit to publishers. One is suspense with a PI instead of police. The other is, well, more or less fantasy. I'm not quite sure where to classify it just yet. The process is slow going, but I'm back into the groove and writing again so we'll see how fast I can finish both projects.

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